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The healing power of music

The universal appeal of music is well-known. It influences all levels of human consciousness taking our attention away from unpleasant and unwanted matters. Listening to good music keeps us relaxed and calm. A wealth of studies revealed how music positively influences on physical as well as mental health. Music does

Why laughter is good for health

We all know that laughter is a best medicine. But how does it help? The contraction and expansion of abdominal muscles boosts blood flow to the vital organs of the body. Second, it is a clinically proven fact that when we laugh the inner walls of the arteries around the whole

Synovial fluid loss at old age

Stiffened knee joints restricts movement as we age. Loss of synovial fluid at knee causes severe pain to move around. It makes folding of knee impossible. Knee is a most vital joint of our body since it has to carry the entire body weight. This joints are covered with a

Desk Yoga

Technology professionals find it challenging to devote time to physical exercise. Health is the direct victim of working at a desk staring at a computer screen for hours together. Hypertension, stress, frustration are common among employees of this profession. Over a period these conditions can have a chronic effect on

The Radiant Appearance You Ever Desired

It is said “The face is the mirror of the mind”. If the mind is strained the face is bound to be dull. Stress and depression can easily be read from one’s face. Sedentary lifestyle, improper nutrition and illness shows up as dull appearance on your skin as well. It

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