The Radiant Appearance You Ever Desired

It is said “The face is the mirror of the mind”. If the mind is strained the face is bound to be dull. Stress and depression can easily be read from one’s face. Sedentary lifestyle, improper nutrition and illness shows up as dull appearance on your skin as well. It has always been remained a question how to remain attractive, especially to women.

If you’re told that Yoga is the best answer, you must be wondering how the practice of Yoga can have effects on the skin. This is understandable, acceptance should not be based on assumption or a mere suggestion. There must be a factual proven relation. However, modern science does not intend to contemplate nor confront the philosophy of Yoga. Fortunately, researches worldwide, though discrete, have conceded many surprising abilities of Yoga; looking young is one of them indeed. Let me look into what Yoga brings to a practitioner in simple terms with an inclination towards science.

Foremost, we need to understand that Yoga is not synonymous to postures, it is a collection of distinct branches, e.g. Kriya, Mudra, Bandha etc. and progressive stages like Pranayama, Meditation etc. Even if set aside the spiritual aspects, advancement to higher stage is necessary for better results.

At the initial stage Yoga focuses on physical exercise which involves postures, Kriya, Mudra etc. The intention is to make the body healthy to such a state that you never has to worry about illness. Instead, completely devote your time on uplifting your conscience. Once attained to this level you are ready to proceed to next stage. Now, let’s analyze what goes behind the scene. Yogic exercises are optimized such that it increases Oxygen intake with least efforts. An example is Surya Namaskara. Second, it does not increase the demand on heart or lungs to work very hard. In fact it is suggested to relax in Savasana in between of postures. Third, the blood flow increases to internal organs, not only to the limbs. Consider the example of inverted postures which creates a flash flow of blood to the brain. By the time you’re elevated to the advanced stage to begin Pranayama, all channels of your body are completely obstacle free. You hardly need a physical exercise once you reach there. The focus is now shifted to maintaining higher Oxygen level, thus the stage of Pranayama is laid out. The result is evident, that we call holistic well-being. The inner peace and sound health appear externally as beauty. You will achieve this benefit even if it is not focused explicitly. That’s the secret of staying young and attractive.

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