Yoga is the most powerful and proven tool to get liberty from health constraints. It in turn helps regain self-confidence one might have lost.

Did you know you can gain complete control over your health? You’ll hardly fall ill; in rare instances if you do, you’ll have ability to predict and take measures to minimize the impact. Our mission is to empower and equip you with this efficacy.

Our philosophy

MayaYoga established that Yoga is the optimum approach to self-care. It is the least expensive yet most effective alternative for remedy as well as prevention of any health disorder. Ever since 2008 MayaYoga has been relentlessly promoting its vision of popularizing yoga as an alternative to medicine.


We take care of you with a comprehensive plan

Every student is given personal attention in our school. Any student with a severe health issue is given special importance. You will feel the safety and comfort as well as being cared.

Our programs are design to get most benefits of different branches of Yoga. A typical day includes Pranayama, Mudra, Bandha, Kriya, Meditation, Prayer, Bhajan etc. in addition to postures and warm up. 

Get empowered to tide over day-to-day challenges

One needs to get rid of personal issues to be more helpful to the family. We evaluate your physical and mental state and design a program most effective for you. You’ll experiencing promising changes from the very first day and certainly get positive results in a couple of weeks. You’ll turn more confident to take care of self and an ever enthusiastic aide in your circle. Your enhanced integrity will influence pomposity wherever you go.

Enjoy the ambiance of creativity, fun and gratification

The journey at MayaYoga is through creativity and passion. Each day is to do something exceptional for us, you’ll never find a class monotonous. Breaking the myth of usual yoga postures, we enhance them and create something new without compromising the classical aspects and benefits. Weekly outdoor activities, fun days, day outs etc. will keep you captivated so much that you’ll like inviting your friends to join with you.

We trust you have talents to showcase

We foster you to show as well as grow your intellect, invite students to participate in public events, take part in competitions etc. Instances of awestruck audience is something you’ll cherish for life. Several students have been awarded by Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

Tap the opportunity to meet Subject Matter Experts

The best memory of us happens to be in school days – probably yours too. What if you get a chance to go back to the evergreen era once in a while?

We create an educational ambiance. You’ll get core knowledge from authorities in healthcare as well as self-care domain once or twice a year.

You will get assistance to grow to an expert

MayaYoga’s likes its students reaching higher in life than merely practicing Yoga. You’ll get inspiration and support to pursue higher studies on this science, if interested. Several students have completed Masters and Post Graduate in Yoga; many of them got certification from SVYASA university.

MayaYoga’s mission of expanding the reach to the mass is being realized through mentoring students to gain expertise. A number of students have already been showing the light to others.

The vibe of MayaYoga will keep your enthusiasm high to remain focused till you achieve the goal. You’ll never find it challenging to be consistent. And once you experience the incredible results the health issues you have today will be a thing of the past soon.

Watch our Yoga activities in the social media space

Disclaimer: Yoga is a science that relies on self-healing through increasing oxygen level in the body and improving blood circulation to affected organs. There is no conflict of interest between Yoga and Medical Science. The space where Yoga operate is to complement, not to replace medication. A scientifically designed Yoga therapy practiced alongside of prescribed medicine helps in accelerating the pace of recovery.

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