The healing power of music

The universal appeal of music is well-known. It influences all levels of human consciousness taking our attention away from unpleasant and unwanted matters. Listening to good music keeps us relaxed and calm. A wealth of studies revealed how music positively influences on physical as well as mental health.

Music does not have language or geographic barrier. It is scientific indeed, there is growing evidence showing that the brain responds to music in very different way. Melody and rhythm are interpreted differently in the brain than non-musical tones. It resonates many different areas of the brain. A symphony influences brainwaves to slow down to lower frequency range. It is clinically proven fact that soothing music reduces levels of the stress hormone known as “cortisol”. The result is reduction of hypertension, anxiety etc. On the other hand positive emotions are evoked. This makes a lasting effect on physiological systems. This is the most evident reason of evolution of music therapy.

Effect of music on physical systems of human body

There are a number of other positive effects apart from relaxation. It has been scientifically proved that music relieves pharmaceutical pain during pregnancy. During early labour, music promotes relaxation. Listening to good melodies releases ‘endorphins’, which are natural pain relievers. In fact, music therapy is being used in pain management, even in post-surgical situations.

Music therapy is effective in reducing stress in patients with the diagnosis of acute myocardial infarction. Studies revealed that lowering apical heart rates were more successful in a music therapy group than in a control group. The incidence of cardiac complications are found to be lower in the intervention groups.

Children, even infants respond positively to music. Any parent knows that it’s natural for a child to begin dancing and singing at an early age. Music can grab and hold our attention of a child, and control goals, both of which are skills we need to succeed. Even memory and pace of learning are enhanced too.

Music is a part of our lives. A healthy lifestyle constitutes a wholesome use of music on an everyday basis. Keep on listening to soothing music you love, this helps to maintain good health.

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