Synovial fluid loss at old age

Stiffened knee joints restricts movement as we age. Loss of synovial fluid at knee causes severe pain to move around. It makes folding of knee impossible.

Knee is a most vital joint of our body since it has to carry the entire body weight. This joints are covered with a thick membrane called synovium. The synovial fluid produced by this membrane keeps the joints lubricated allowing smooth and frictionless movement. Lack of this fluid is common to agedness.

Three measures can cure as well as prevent this disorder.

  • Restrict salt consumption
  • Drink more water
  • Exercise regularly

One needs to practice slow and controlled movement of knee joint to begin with. Yoga is a scientific exercise that you can rely on. There are postures for gentle stretching, that does not aggravate the pain. A carefully designed plan helps ease the pain.

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