Day: September 13, 2023

Prenatal Yoga Prepared me for Normal Delivery

During 2nd trimester Dr. Smitha ma’am referred me to Dr. Bijaya Bhattacharya. I enrolled prenatal yoga therapy course under her guidance. 21st May 2023 I delivered a baby girl through normal delivery. The sessions were properly cureted to suite my abilities. Stretching muscles increased slowly as per my comfort level.

Antenatal Yoga made me successful in normal delivery

Hello friends, I am Nisarga Vittal. Referred by Dr.Bhargavi, I enrolled to prenatal yoga therapy sessions under Dr. Bijaya Bhattacharya. Her session  is very systematic. She focused on upper back stretches in initial sessions, followed by gentle exercises of lower part. Later we gradually practiced specific postures for natural birth,

Prenatal Yoga helped me delivering a happy and healthy baby

Hi I am Mitali Rajadithya.  On 26th June 2023, I gave birth to a  baby boy Dr.Rashmi Swaroop was my Ivf. Specialist , Dr.Vidyamani was my OBGYN Doctor. I am glad I decided to enrol for prenatal Yoga. Dr Bijaya guided me well through the classes.  I enjoyed the asanas,

Prenatal Yoga helped stress-free delivery

Dr. Smitha of Sagar Chandramma Hospital recommended me to enroll in Prenatal Yoga Therapy class in 3rd trimester. I started practicing under Dr. Bijaya. The sessions are really amazing. My energy level increased a lot. Swelling in the legs reduced. I felt so relaxed, refreshed and de-stressed.  I was completely

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