Prenatal Yoga helped me delivering a happy and healthy baby

Pregnancy yoga

Hi I am Mitali Rajadithya.  On 26th June 2023, I gave birth to a  baby boy Dr.Rashmi Swaroop was my Ivf. Specialist , Dr.Vidyamani was my OBGYN Doctor.

I am glad I decided to enrol for prenatal Yoga.

Dr Bijaya guided me well through the classes.  I enjoyed the asanas, pranayama, visualisation process, sound therapy, chanting and stretching.

Bijaya Ma’am is very motivating and calm.

She kept reminding all of us in the class to stay hydrated, to massage our feet every night.  She kept reminding us to walk after every meal. She encouraged us to practise deep breathing at home.

All these were extra pointers given by her that helped me a lot through my last trimester.

She was my moral support  during my anxious times and she helped me have a happy healthy baby. I am grateful to Bijaya Ma’am for her guidance.

Even if it’s was just for 1 and half months it helped me tremendously. It kept my BP in control. It kept my weight in control and kept me fresh.

I really feel it’s important to enroll for prenatal class as early as possible to benefit the most. I got to know very late and yet derived great results. Her sessions are effective for postnatal  too. Helping new mothers to keep calm and strong.

Thank you Bijaya Ma’am.

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