I have recovered from a year long suffering of sleep apnoea

At the age of 62 years I was diagnosed with sleep apnoea. Medication did not improve lung function much. Since April 2016 I have been practicing yoga under Bijaya Bhattacharya’s guidance at Sagar Clinic. She has been focusing mainly on pranayama like Bastrika, Nadishuddi and Kapalbhati kriya. Before joining the class I was not able to hold my breath for even 6-7 seconds. After almost 10 months of practice I am able to keep my breath for almost 12-13 seconds at ease.

Second, Bijaya keeps on sending various articles on Pranayama and Mudras regularly. She highlighted the benefits of Mudras, I started practicing several Mudras daily. I believe this also has helped improving my health.

Apart from this she also concentrated on reducing my weight. My weight has reduced to 93 KG from 104 KG. This is another astonishing achievement at my old age.

A year of association with Bijaya helped me  in regaining my health. Though I practice at home now she keeps a keen contact with me, shares knowledge and topics of inspiration.

Jayaram Rao
Gopalan Jewels
Konankunte cross, Bangalore 560078

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