I delivered normally in spite of pelvic constraints

I am Vaishali Sharma, I was referred by Dr. Sudha CP ma’am for the Prenatal Yoga Classes by Dr Bijaya.

I joined the classes in my 8th month of pregnancy and was thoroughly guided by Dr Bijaya until my  normal delivery on 2nd November and even post that. In these 2 months only she had an impeccable impact on my mental, emotional and physical health. The aura that Dr Bijaya created in her classes is no less than spiritual for any expecting mother. The rigorous positive thinking, self-discipline, and empathy that she embarks on is thoroughly felt in every session that she takes.

I was told by my Dr. due to my pelvic structure I may undergo a C section, hence I was induced before my due date. I went through 20 hours of labour pain from 1st November evening. It was indeed a warzone in the hospital for me. Nevertheless, what came to my rescue was ma’am’s prompts for breathing, her visualisation techniques for pain management, and her affirmations for myself and my baby. I would highly recommend all my fellow preggo women in this group to really let Dr Bijaya’s guidance in for she truly believes in each woman’s goddess like strength to deliver a healthy strong baby with all her might.

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