Bijaya Bhattacharya


PhD (Alternative Medicine), MSc. (Yoga), S-VYASA Certified Instructor, Yoga Alliance Accredited Trainer


10 Years

An era of desperation

Bijaya Bhattacharya is an acclaimed exponent of Yoga profession in south Bangalore. Hailing from a Bengali family, Bijaya used to be an ordinary housewife till 2005. She became obese, gaining weight above 90 KG. Being a victim of chronic diseases like migraine, backache etc. inevitable consequences like depression, short temper followed.

The dawn of reprieve

One fine morning in early 2006 Bijaya learnt that a Swamijee of Munger would conduct a Yoga Camp for a fortnight in the town. With no second thought she went ahead and registered to participate. The insight she got from the Swamijee enlightened her consciences. Having no luxury of a Yoga center available that time in that town she resorted to practicing at home watching Swami Ramdevjee’s instructions in Astha TV. Consistency conceded the results, she got rid of most ailments in one year.

The journey through self-care

On relocation to Bangalore in 2007 Bijaya joined Yoga classe at Sri Aurovindo Meditation Centre, JP Nagar. With another year of religious practice under guidance of Vasudha Bhat she completely cured all the health disorders, dependency on medicine ceased. However, personal success did not make her content; instead she looked for an way to help others experiencing similar distress.

The aspirations Bijaya accomplished

Bijaya started teaching at her apartment in 2008 followed by treating patients and pursuing higher studies in Yoga. After completion of masters in Yoga Therapy she took up professional courses like “Yoga Therapy” from Swamy Vivekananda Vishwa Prakruthi Yoga Foundation, “Yoga Instructors Course” from SVYASA, International Teacher’s Training Course by Yoga Alliance. Latest addition to her qualification is doctorate in Alternative Medicine for thesis on adapting Pranayama for rehabilitation.

She made her dream a reality

Bijaya conceptualized an institution in 2009 and formally founded it next year with fifteen students. She dedicated MayaYoga to commemorate her mother. The success continues since then, at present she has been making positive impact to hundreds of lives in Bangalore. 

Her strengths to influence others

Bijaya is disciplined, walks the talk, she remains positive and focused till reaching a goal, her consistency is remarkable, she is punctual in the true sense. Whatever be the subject, she spreads the enthusiasm to others in every interaction. You’ll always find her sit besides you till you achieve a success.

Her specialization and experiments

Bijaya instituted that Pranayama has Therapeutic capabilities to cure numerous chronic ailments. She treated a breast cancer patient through Pranayama only. The lady returned back to work after practicing under her guidance for six months. She applies Pranayama and Mudra to cure more than ten diseases like gynecological disorders, kidney problems, bronchitis, asthma, prostate gland dysfunctions, high BP, Arthritis etc.

Bijaya has been treating patients at Sagar Clinic since 2015. She adapts Yoga postures to suite the age and health condition of a person. Many patients have been experiencing mysterious benefits by attending therapeutic sessions with Bijaya. She considers normal delivery of a couple of women as her most revered success.

Her beliefs to strike the positive note

Swami Vivekannanda’s words are inspiration to Bijaya; she spreads his message to everybody, if you believe you’re strong, you’ll be; if you believe you can achieve, you will. Consistent practice of Yoga helps you achieve the state of mental confidence as well as physical fitness. Pranayama coupled with Yoga reveals a positive meaning to life; it creates a new chapter in one’s life. The only secret is, you need to believe it, and the rest is assured.

Her mission is to make her students get back lost confidence and rejuvenate their health. She motivates everybody to rely on self-cure instead of dependency on medicine. In her personal life, since end of 2007 Bijaya has not consumed any medicine.

Laudable teaching approach

An avid teacher since her graduation, Bijaya’s Yoga training approach is highly regarded. In every one hour class she covers prayer, worm up exercises, asana, pranayama, mudra, ending with melodious Bhajana. She organises workshops, carnivals, camps, awareness programs as well as regular classes. Bijaya has been writing articles in Yoga Publications.

Contributions to social wellbeing

Bijaya trusts that the benefits of Yoga should not be confined to the affluent only. She organizes camps for children of government schools, takes them to participate in competitions. Her efforts of awakening disadvantaged young minds of the of the society is commendable.

Bijaya goes beyond her usual call of duties without any commercial interest. She organizes free yoga camps, demonstrates on public events, talks at different platforms. She also holds International Yoga Day with colorful events. Her self-sponsored workshops speak about her passion to make a Yoga aware generation.

Recognitions to her credibility

“Yoga Bhushana Prabodha Patra” title and Gold Medal conferred by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India; Guinness World record speak her contribution in Yoga.

She published her study and results of treating diseases through Yoga, especially Pranayama in the form of a thesis which fetched her the honor of a doctorate degree.


Bijaya has been writing articles on several magazines and journals. A Yoga blog by herself is in the making, it is expected to see the daylights soon.

Future endeavor

Bijaya believes that the health of disadvantaged section in our society is a most key space requiring improvement. This will work as a catalyst to social uplift. She has been incubating an idea to spread Yoga culture to rural areas, wants to create a larger Yoga community through collaboration among institutions and professionals.  

“Arise! Awake! and stop not until the goal is reached”

Swami Vivekanad’s saying is a superset of any goal we can imagine. Let’s stay determined during the sojourn to success. You’ll be amazed to witness the inevitable transformation within you. -Bijaya Bhattacharya


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