Yoga helped me win over Neurofibromatosis

I had been diagnosed to be a victim of Neurofibromatosis, an incurable genetic disorder of the nervous system. Sufferings from severe pain and difficulties in body balance continued to grow slowly. Doctors suggested whatever Neurofibromas already developed on the nerves cannot be removed, medicine can only retard further spread of tumors.

After joining MayaYoga I used to feel pain doing stretches and postures with shaking of body parts. A special attention of Bijaya ma’am rewarded me the result. Slowly over time I noticed the change in my body, shaking problem reduced. A year later I could feel my stamina and strength.

Today I am stronger ever before, mentally as well as physically. I can now face a lot of life challenges with confidence that truly I couldn’t think at the time of joining yoga. Bijaya ma’am instilled so much confidence in me that I am now teaching Yoga to children.

Rupashree Fouzdar
Purva Belmont, Bangalore

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