My backache out of damaged lower vertebrae subsided considerably

I used to suffer from severe lower back pain caused by a damage to the lower vertebrae, high blood pressure etc. Generally speaking, I used to be quite lethargic. I joined Yoga Therapy sessions at Sagar Clinic under guidance of Bijaya Bhattacharya six months back.

Now in retrospect, over these past few months, I have experienced noticeable results. The back pain is much more controlled. I do understand and accept that due to my damaged lower vertebrae, I cannot hope for full recovery; however, I feel much comfortable ever before. Bijaya’s guidance has made me more confident to lead a more active lifestyle. The meditation sessions with soothing and relaxing soft music is just Divine and I feel that I want the session to keep continuing! I come out feeling so stress free. My nurse has noticed that my BP has also reduced slightly.

SVS Sastry
Suvidha Retirement Village,
Bangalore – 560 109

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