Day: August 24, 2017

MayaYoga relies on classic approach yet it is a vibrant organization

The approach adopted at MayaYoga is classic, systematic and relaxed. You’ll realize the true sense of Yaga. No equipment or support like rope is used to force retaining a posture. Bijaya ma’am resorts to normal body stretch and maximize over time. This not only helps preventing injury but also effortless

I can vouch that MayaYoga is the best in our locality

A gulf of health issues used to haunt me around 2010. They magically disappeared within a short duration of joining MayaYoga. I accredit the success to the easy plan designed for me. During my long association of more than seven years I witnessed how Bijaya ma’am evolved an effective method

The motivation and pursuance helped me start teaching Yoga

Acute insomnia used to haunt me so much that I developed anxiety leading to hypertension. Fortunately it was not too late, I found the solution at MayaYoga. A special Pranayama and meditation program was set for me. I got rid of all the problems within a couple of months. I

I’m happier and energetic than ever before

Bijaya ma’am has made me realize that yoga integrates body and mind, I feel happier than ever before as well as remain energetic whole day. Her beautiful infectious smile and her amicable positive attitude makes the ambience lively and engaging. She has made Yoga an integral part of my life. I

Hypothyroidism cured in three months

I had been undergoing hypothyroidism treatment before joining MayaYoga four years back. After three months pathological test confirmed normal thyroid function, doctor was surprised, suggested to monitor without medication. Since then there has been no sign of recurrence. I attribute this success to Bijaya ma’am, it has been possible for

MayaYoga kindles a creative ambiance

Bijaya ma’am is awesome, she experiments with classic postures to create visually appealing formations every week. You’ll never find a space to feel boring. Her class or an event keeps everyone captivated and engaged throughout. She facilitates an ambiance where you literally learn through fun. Needless to say that I have

A miracle turned my life positive

Five years back I used to suffer from severe menopause problems, living with anxiety with the thought of a surgery and post-surgical issues. With reluctance and doubt in mind I joined MayaYoga as a last resort. It is not exaggeration if I say a miracle changed my life completely. From the first month onward the

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