Summer Camp 2018

Yoga and mindfulness offer psychological benefits. Emerging research studies suggest that yoga improves focus, memory, academic performance and behavior as well as improved immunity and strength to school-age children. It makes them more confident to cope up with academic challenges. The kids yoga program at MayaYoga is designed with interesting

Desk Yoga

Technology professionals find it challenging to devote time to physical exercise. Health is the direct victim of working at a desk staring at a computer screen for hours together. Hypertension, stress, frustration are common among employees of this profession. Over a period these conditions can have a chronic effect on

The Radiant Appearance You Ever Desired

It is said “The face is the mirror of the mind”. If the mind is strained the face is bound to be dull. Stress and depression can easily be read from one’s face. Sedentary lifestyle, improper nutrition and illness shows up as dull appearance on your skin as well. It

I have recovered from a year long suffering of sleep apnoea

At the age of 62 years I was diagnosed with sleep apnoea. Medication did not improve lung function much. Since April 2016 I have been practicing yoga under Bijaya Bhattacharya’s guidance at Sagar Clinic. She has been focusing mainly on pranayama like Bastrika, Nadishuddi and Kapalbhati kriya. Before joining the class

My slipped disc injury got better in a couple of months

I have been undergoing Yoga Therapy treatment to my back injury causing slip disc since February 2017. Within a couple of months the back pain reduced a lot and I’m able to walk long distance now. Interestingly there have been a holistic improvement, though not in my primary focus. The

My backache out of damaged lower vertebrae subsided considerably

I used to suffer from severe lower back pain caused by a damage to the lower vertebrae, high blood pressure etc. Generally speaking, I used to be quite lethargic. I joined Yoga Therapy sessions at Sagar Clinic under guidance of Bijaya Bhattacharya six months back. Now in retrospect, over these

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