The motivation and pursuance helped me start teaching Yoga

Acute insomnia used to haunt me so much that I developed anxiety leading to hypertension. Fortunately it was not too late, I found the solution at MayaYoga. A special Pranayama and meditation program was set for me. I got rid of all the problems within a couple of months. I

I’m happier and energetic than ever before

Bijaya ma’am has made me realize that yoga integrates body and mind, I feel happier than ever before as well as remain energetic whole day. Her beautiful infectious smile and her amicable positive attitude makes the ambience lively and engaging. She has made Yoga an integral part of my life. I

Hypothyroidism cured in three months

I had been undergoing hypothyroidism treatment before joining MayaYoga four years back. After three months pathological test confirmed normal thyroid function, doctor was surprised, suggested to monitor without medication. Since then there has been no sign of recurrence. I attribute this success to Bijaya ma’am, it has been possible for

MayaYoga kindles a creative ambiance

Bijaya ma’am is awesome, she experiments with classic postures to create visually appealing formations every week. You’ll never find a space to feel boring. Her class or an event keeps everyone captivated and engaged throughout. She facilitates an ambiance where you literally learn through fun. Needless to say that I have

A miracle turned my life positive

Five years back I used to suffer from severe menopause problems, living with anxiety with the thought of a surgery and post-surgical issues. With reluctance and doubt in mind I joined MayaYoga as a last resort. It is not exaggeration if I say a miracle changed my life completely. From the first month onward the

Yoga helped me win over Neurofibromatosis

I had been diagnosed to be a victim of Neurofibromatosis, an incurable genetic disorder of the nervous system. Sufferings from severe pain and difficulties in body balance continued to grow slowly. Doctors suggested whatever Neurofibromas already developed on the nerves cannot be removed, medicine can only retard further spread of

I got back the normal life of a woman within a month

I had severe gynecological disorders. Within a month of beginning therapeutic yoga at Sagar Clinic under Dr. Bijaya Bhattacharya I got back my normal life. An additional reward followed, my weight drastically reduced. So I thought to continue yoga and have joined normal classes of MayaYoga. I am so happy

Yoga gifted me a beautiful life

The experience of my life journey has been just fantastic since I started yoga during my pregnancy. The perinatal yoga with MayaYoga helped me to stay fit entire nine months and offcourse pranayama which helped me to be more confident. I did not face any problem during those days. I

Synovial fluid loss at old age

Stiffened knee joints restricts movement as we age. Loss of synovial fluid at knee causes severe pain to move around. It makes folding of knee impossible. Knee is a most vital joint of our body since it has to carry the entire body weight. This joints are covered with a

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