Tribal Women Empowerment

“Sabar” is the name of an indigenous community, mostly living at forest fringe areas of Purulia district in West Bengal. This backward society still needs a push to get education, health, shelter etc. Even they are not well positioned to claim their basic rights. I am going to work with

The healing power of music

The universal appeal of music is well-known. It influences all levels of human consciousness taking our attention away from unpleasant and unwanted matters. Listening to good music keeps us relaxed and calm. A wealth of studies revealed how music positively influences on physical as well as mental health. Music does

MayaYoga is synonymous to fun and fulfillment

MayaYoga is not merely another Yoga class, it is a synonymous to fun and fulfilment. Learning is encapsulated in fun here. Be your goal correction or prevention, you’ll find the class stimulating to absorb every concept clearly. Bijaya ma’am made me realize my potentials, her encouragement took me to places

Gestational diabetes came to normalcy in just two months

After my second delivery I was petrified, two ceasarians and gestational diabetes made me loose all my confidence. But thanks to Bijaya ma’am, my diabetes came to normalcy and reduced my weight and tummy as well surprisingly in just two months. I will definitely recommend MayaYoga to everybody. Sreelakshmi Bangalore

Why laughter is good for health

We all know that laughter is a best medicine. But how does it help? The contraction and expansion of abdominal muscles boosts blood flow to the vital organs of the body. Second, it is a clinically proven fact that when we laugh the inner walls of the arteries around the whole

Dr. Bijaya Bhattacharya is an authentic therapeutic yoga specialist

Dr. Bijaya Bhattacharya is an authentic therapeutic yoga specialist. What her therapy session does is to live each moment mindful. She applies the ancient wisdom for treatment of diseases judiciously. I was treated by Dr. Bijaya at Sagar Clinic for my personal goal towards better balance of health and life.

MayaYoga relies on classic approach yet it is a vibrant organization

The approach adopted at MayaYoga is classic, systematic and relaxed. You’ll realize the true sense of Yaga. No equipment or support like rope is used to force retaining a posture. Bijaya ma’am resorts to normal body stretch and maximize over time. This not only helps preventing injury but also effortless

I can vouch that MayaYoga is the best in our locality

A gulf of health issues used to haunt me around 2010. They magically disappeared within a short duration of joining MayaYoga. I accredit the success to the easy plan designed for me. During my long association of more than seven years I witnessed how Bijaya ma’am evolved an effective method

The motivation and pursuance helped me start teaching Yoga

Acute insomnia used to haunt me so much that I developed anxiety leading to hypertension. Fortunately it was not too late, I found the solution at MayaYoga. A special Pranayama and meditation program was set for me. I got rid of all the problems within a couple of months. I

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